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  • Robot CG Animated Short Film “Tergo” collaboration with Ron Howard

  • CG animation short film "Tergo" has been released via Vimeo. Directed by Charles Willcocks, and collaboration with Hollywood Royalty and legendary film director Ron Howard.
    The film was presented by Pallas Pictures, who has created 5 short films so far.

    According to Pallas Pictures,"Tergo cleans. He cleans up after you and me. He picks up the mess we discard but yet remains invisible to all around him. Tergo’s a lost soul in the London urban machine. He’s ready to leave the life he leads behind.
    Tergo is the fifth short film from London film collective Pallas Pictures and their first to feature an entirely CG lead character. A labour of love and devotion by director and Pallas Pictures founder Charles Willcocks, it is the existential tale of a cleaning robot lost amongst the everyday drain of work in London. In a city of millions of strangers all living digital relationships, it’s a modern day fable for anybody who might be lonely and caught up in the rat race of life.Sometimes to work out what is beautiful about life it can only be solved by someone who exists to work."

    "Tergo" was done in 3D software Maya and rendered in VRay. At first, Charles Willcocks used Mental Ray for rendering. But Technical Director Adam Cheshire recommended to use VRay and they were testing VRay at work. After a successful test period, soon realized its capabilities, and they switched over to VRay from Mental Ray. Also Charles Willcocks has used "Mari", which is 3D texture painting software. Mari lets you paint in 3D easier.
  • source : Pallas Pictures
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