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  • 2018-08-10
  • Allie X Premieres New Music Video for “Not So Bad in LA”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X unveiled a new music video for “Not So Bad in LA” from her upcoming sophomore album "Super Sunset".
    The song is the second single off of the album and was written by XSDTRK, Pierre-Luc, Jungle George and Allie X. The first single "Focus" was released back in June.
    In the clip, a young Hollywood Starlet arrived a strange place. It represents the desperation of Hollywood.
    Allie X said, "The desire to push-up your tits and cinch your waist and blow up your lips and make your hair really big and blonde and just be very shiny. She's delusional." And she wrote the plot, "The young Hollywood Starlet arrives to Los Angeles when a strange transformation begins to take shape."
    Allie X started her music career in Tronto, but she moved to Los Angeles in 2013. The video is inspired from her experience in LA.
    She explained, “Four years ago, I moved to Los Angeles and my life was forever altered. This record chronicles the ups and downs of living in the City Of Angels, the magic of falling in love and the utter madness one feels trying to make it. She obviously represents the Hollywood dream, the glamour of this city and also all of the confusion and sadness that comes with it, but she’s always camera-ready.”
  • She told Billboard about “Not So Bad in LA" in an interview;
    "I had just gotten back to L.A. from somewhere. I always have mixed feelings about coming back, like, do I want to be here? I got in my car and was driving to get something dry cleaned, and I was just looking around at how perfect and glamorous everything looked and how it was pretty easy to get a parking spot at the dry cleaners! I said to myself, “It's not so bad in L.A.” I started laughing and singing that phrase, then I just pulled out my voice memo thing and it all just came out, which never really happens to me. I always do melody first, but the concept and the lyric came with the melody. So I had the voice memo, then I got on the piano and took that to a producer and produced it."

    Last year, she released her debut album "CollXtion II" and the third EP "COLLXTION II: Unsolved".
    Following them, the new album "Super Sunset" is expected to be released this fall. Also she will embark on a promotional tour called "The Super Sunset Xperience".
    Recently, she contributed the songs to Troye Sivan's upcoming second studio album "Bloom".
  • source : Papermag
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